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Customised slow fashion in response to the current fashion trend

MTO: The PERRARO "on-demand" option for more sustainability in fashion

Made to order processConsumers have the power to influence the fashion industry by supporting brands and designers that are committed to diversity, inclusion and sustainability. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the conversation has shifted from simply making beautiful clothes to promoting diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

PERRARO gives you the opportunity to live sustainability without sacrificing style, and thanks to the order option, the sustainable fashionable guarantees needs-based production with calculable lead times. This means that even small orders at short notice can be produced and delivered with a reasonable delivery time of one week with reduced emissions.

The highlight: with the option to order "on demand", everyone can make a contribution to environmental protection by reducing their CO2 footprint by half, because production is energy-efficient rather than stockpiling.


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